How do I lay Roof tiles...

Using Roof Tiles
The Viscountess and Traditional roof tiles are only 1mm thick at the rebated part of the tile, this is correct for 1/12th scale. They are designed for the smart Georgian/Victorian Town House. If you want a more rugged look then use the standard roof tiles, they are slightly thicker and smaller than the Viscountess/Traditional tiles.

We have made the tiles quite hard, but because the rebated part is quite thin you can break the corners if you apply too much pressure to them.

The best way to fix them is by applying a small amount of ordinary wood glue (PVA) to the reverse side of the tile,  place on the roof and slide it into position. This sliding action will coat the back of the tile. It is also a good idea to apply a small amount of glue to the wooden batten when fixing the bottom row, this will help prevent the corners breaking when opening a roof.

If you want to cut the tiles then turn the tile over so that the face of the tile is pointing down, cut the tile with a small saw and finally trim with sandpaper. Please do not use a knife to cut them as this will cause the tile to split.

Once the roof is complete there is no need to apply any type of sealant, if you do, it will spoil the finish of your roof.



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