How do I lay Octagonal floor tiles...

Laying Octagonal Floor Tiles
Make a pattern of your floor using thin card ( cereal packet thickness ). Keeping the card flat at all times lay the first row of Octagonal Tiles - using a small amount of PVA wood glue -so that the edge of the tile lines up with the edge of the card.You may have excess at either side, do not cut this off until the end.

Using a small amount of PVA wood glue fix a small coloured insert adjacent to the Octagonal tiles and then glue another Octagonal tile. Continue the same process until you have covered the template, remember to keep the floor flat at all times.

Glue the small inserts ( donot cut them ) into  the gap left on the edge of the front row and leave them to dry.

Once the glue is dry it’s time to trim the tiles to the pattern. Using an emery board or sandpaper block gently sand the small inserts on the front row until the edge is level with your pattern.

Cut the tiles that over hang your pattern with a craft saw or junior hacksaw to near the edge of the pattern and finally trim with an emery board or sandpaper block.

Your floor should now be complete and you should be able to gently slide it into position, if you want it to be a permanent fixture then apply glue to the back of the template before sliding it into position.



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