How do I lay Brick slips....

Using Brick Slips
Start at the the bottom of the wall. Apply a small amount of PVA wood glue to the rear of the slip and fix to the wall ensuring the mortar lines are to the top of the slip. Complete the whole of the bottom row. 
Before starting the next row run an emery board or piece of sandpaper along the top edge of the bricks, this ensures that any spikes are removed and that the next row will sit nice and level.
If you need to cut any of the slips use a small craft or junior hacksaw, small amounts can be sanded off.

If you are using corner slips make sure that you either:
• Sand the internal corner of the slip to remove the slightly
rounded area created during manufacture. 
• Sand the corner of the item you are sticking the slip to, this is the preferred method.
If you don’t then your corner slip may sit slightly proud of the other slips. Complete the whole row and trim before going onto the next row.

We would not recommend the grouting of the Weathered Slips as this tends to cover up the weathered look we tried to create. The grouting of the other slips is fine but please ensure that you seal the brick slips first.


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