Customer Creations

These are photos kindly sent to us by our talented customers from around the world; they have allowed us to show you their work on our website showing how they have used our products......many thanks, Liz & Andrew 

Sandra(UK), tiled her dolls house roof using our Viscountess Roof Tiles
Dave & Dawn French, UK have used our White Octagonal Tiles with Black Inserts
Their testament...."Hi guys here are a couple of pics of our first dolls house bathroom using your tiles. We are also going to use them behind the cooker in the basement. We are very happy with the finished look and highly recommend them to others. 

Christine's kitchen shows our custom made bricked "Tudor Range" and has completed the flooring using our Terracotta Quarry Tiles with our grey grouting
Eevee asked us if we could commission "Ashlar Stone cladding"...This is what Eevee said about them....I have finally begun putting the slab slips on the side of my house.  Thanks again for making them, they look amazing!"The brick slips were lovely to use, very easy to cut etc". 

In the first photo Eevee used our Yellow Full, Half and Corner brickslips on the outside of her house. The 2nd photo shows her using our Terracotta and Cream Quarry Tiles

David used our weathered corner slips  and weathered brickslips to recreate these fantastic chimney pots and our15mm self adhesive lead strip around the chimney base

Gareth, UK, used our Black & White Quarry Tiles in the Bathroom....note the raised floor where the bath stands!

Our 1/24th Arden House was Nicola's 1st attempt at completing a dolls house. Using our 1/24th Large Grey Roof Tiles, Grey Ridge Tiles & Grey Random Paving she created this  stunning Witches house!

This 1/24th "Wash House" has been created using Terracotta Inserts for Quarry Tile flooring and then applied our grey grout giving a very effective finish 

Gavin (UK) says.... "Many thanks for the great building material". The products that he has used are:Viscountess Roof Tiles, 58 mm &15mm self adhesive lead, Yellow Stock 1/2 brick slips and Type K...small crown taper chimney pots      
Mr Berdichevsky (Israel) mixed our 1/24th large red &grey roof tiles together and completed the look using our 1/24th large red & grey ridge tiles
Tony Cooke ( Australia), used various 1/24th fire kiln chimney pots

 To construct this magnificent Schloss, David(UK)used 70 x 1/24th window frames & 9 rolls of 58mm self adhesive lead for the roof
Chris (Uk), has used our "Rendered Tudor Range"
Tina (UK), used our Weathered Brickslips for her basement.  
Tina's Testamont......."I'm impressed with how easy they are to use and I've decided not to grout them"


(UK), has used our REAL white ceramic tiles on her walls and used our black Ceramic tiles as a border and also mixed with white ones as a pattern